Don’t Miss Out on $3.1 Billion in Funding For Underserved Producers!

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What is the SmartWay Incentive Program?

Running a farming business is just like planting crops but on a MUCH bigger scale. The problem is, you can only sell so much and get so far with limited resources. Just like in farming, where you need fertilizers to provide essential nutrients to the soil, you also need essential resources for your business.

That’s why the SmartWay Incentive Program was created to help underserved producers like you get the support they NEED and DESERVE. This program is part of the 141 selected projects under Partnerships for Climate-Smart Commodities of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Once you sign up to the program and get approved, you’ll receive the following:

Soil and Animal Testing

Cash incentives

Tools for easy management

(Surface Pro, Limited Software and a
cloud-based system)

Enhanced marketing

How Can Underserved Producers Join Team Vanguard’s Incentive Program?

We all know that agriculture isn’t an easy business to get into. But your work is crucial for Mississippi, which is considered an 82% food desert.

That’s where Team Vanguard comes in. As part of our partnership with USDA, our biggest goal is to provide you with the much-needed assistance. To do that, there are 3 steps you need to take:

Step 1: Incentive Program Eligibility Screening

Be part of four groups defined as Historically
Underserved, establish farm records,
complete forms, and certify that you’re not
a foreign person or entity.

Step 2: Incentive Program Credentialing

Applicants must meet certain
requirements, complete forms, pass
learning requirements, and develop a
conservation plan with the help of Team

Step 3: Become a Member of the Program

Once you’ve completed steps 1 and 2,
you’re now eligible to receive our full benefits!

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