Transformation & Empowerment

Vanguard (OTE) Consortium accelerates economic capacity building to transform lives through regional partnerships.

What We Do

Vanguard (OTE) Consortium accelerates economic capacity building to transform lives through regional partnerships. We are committed to developing and implementing solutions to problems that assist communities shape and exercise control over their physical, social, economic, and cultural environments.

How We Achieve Our Goals

Our impact drivers include:

  • Creating a common vision for the future.
  • Promoting inclusion and social justice.
  • Building the skills and confidence of individuals and groups.
  • Enhancing community decision making and problem-solving processes.
  • Implementing practical strategies for creating change.

About Us

Vanguard (OTE) Consortium serves as a “business connection center” for non-profit and for-profit organizations, education institutions, and government agencies with a mission focus towards the country’s economic well-being.

Vanguard (OTE) Consortium capabilities are broken down into two strategic sectors with supporting focus areas:

  • Industry 5.0 Transformation
  • Community Capacity Building
  • Infrastructure Design & Development
  • Empowerment Innovation
  • Technology transfer to commercialization
  • S.T.E.M. Education

These strategic sectors and supporting focus areas serve as “transformation and empowerment enablers” to increase the likelihood of each achieving its specific missions to support strategic and operational economic priorities.

Our Areas of Expertise

Community Capacity Building

To improve the ability of individuals, organizations, businesses, and government in their community to come together, learn, make well-reasoned decisions about the community’s present and future, and work together to carry out those decisions.

To find ways to set goals as they do this work, make sure they are actually moving toward these goals, and celebrate their progress.

Infrastructure Design

Build sustainable neighborhoods that include coordinated social and economic systems.

Offer a broad mix of public, private and community services with the goal of strengthening future outcomes.

Focus on specific populations within neighborhoods (women, youth, people with disabilities, seniors, immigrants and refugees, ethno-cultural and ethno-racial groups).

Facilitate systemic change through civic engagement and advocacy efforts in response to conditions of inequality towards at risks populations.

Promote quality work environments by providing safety nets for those community members that fall between the cracks in labor markets.

Encourage harmonious social relations in neighborhoods, foster prosperity, develop aesthetic safe places, and nurture social interactions between community stakeholders.

Technology Transfer

Market technology transfer services to federal and nonfederal partners.

Form working groups to identify impediments to technology transfer efforts.

Conduct small business outreach efforts that facilitate information sharing on funding opportunities and technical assistance.

Provide technology transfer training for individuals and businesses.

S.T.E.M. Education

Partner with industry and educational organizations to increase S.T.E.M. readiness of all students.

Design new learning strategies to meet challenging S.T.E.M. coursework necessary in postsecondary education and careers.

Facilitate equitable access to S.T.E.M. courses and real-world work experiences.

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